About Adventures Panama or "Aventuras Panamá"  

Founded in 1994 with the best one day adventure expedition of Panama, "The Chagres Challenge."  Aventuras Panama is the country first adventure specialized outfitter. 

Major destinations: Chagres National Park, Mamoni River, Chiriqui Rivers, Rio Grande River, Embera villages and Kuna Yala (Archipelago of San Blas).

It provides "all included"  panama adventures packages to local and international tour operators. It also provides tutoring and guidance in adventure activities such as rafting and kayaking.

Founder of The Chagres Foundation which intends to preserve the Chagres River watershed, the main water source of the Panama Canal, by teaching local people alternative sources of income others than slash and burn and that will preserve the forest

Our Mission  

To provide quality adventure tours pioneered by us.

To provide people, logistics and knowledge required to enjoy nature in a safe way.

To involve local people of remote areas we incursion with our activities, providing them an alternative to improve their living standard while protecting nature.

 Our Muscle

Most of our guides, we are proud to say, were natives from the areas we visited that used to live on survival agriculture and hunting(The people that best know their  territory), and we had turned them into world class outdoor guides. 

We also count with bilingual and "city grown" guides that share our passion for outdoors adventures.  They complement our core guides to provide our guests with an unique Aventuras Panama's service experience





Aventuras Panama Staff

Javier Romero Gerbaud, MBA, BSME   Nelson Rios, Class V White Water Guide   Benito Marciaga, Class V 4x4 Driver
Javier Romero Gerbaud

Always present, behind the scenes.  Founder. Since 1994

  Nelson Rios

Our oldest and more experienced raft, kayak, rappel and climbing guide, since 1994

  Benito Marciaga

Our Operation Manager, makes sure eveything works smoothly, with us since 1995

Erick Samudio, Class IV Guide   Rodolfo Ibarra, Class IV guide   Luis Sahera, Class V 4x4 driver
Erick Samudio

Raft, kayak, rappel and climbing guide, since 1995

  Rodolfo Ibarra

Logistics, Raft, kayak, rappel and climbing guide, since 1998

  Luis Sahera

Our 4x4 vehicle expert who takes us where no one else dares(except Benito), since 1999

  Fabian   Manuel Vasques, Class IV Guide
Rafael Montilla

Interpretative, Naturalist, Raft, kayak, rappel and climbing guide, since 1995

  Fabian Gonzalez

Raft, kayak, rappel and climbing guide, since 1996

  Manuel Vasquez

Raft, kayak, rappel  guide, since 2002

Luis Vasquez, Class IV Guide   Matt Podobinski   Osvaldo
Luiz Vasquez

Raft, kayak, rappel  guide, since 2004

  Matt Podobinski

International Raft Guide

  Osvaldo Gutierrez

Raft and kayak Guide since 2004

Quique   Dimas Pino, Class IV Guide   Omaira

Interpretative and Naturalist Guide, he will always know  about your surrounding

  Dimas Pino

Bike, Raft, kayak, Rappel guide and in and out office since 2007

  Omaira Martinez

Local Sales and Operation Manager