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  • Pearl Islands Panama whale watching tours 
  • Guided trip
  • All-inclusive package
  • Age: 6 and up
  • Gateway: Panama city

Humpback whales prepare every year to leave the cold waters of the far north, and so make an extraordinary journey to the warm waters of the Pacific of Panama. Each year, several thousands are coming to Panama in order to mate or give birth. Well come to Las Perlas Archipelago, considered one of the best places in the world to observe between June and October Humpback whales are part of the great whales. Measuring fifteen meters and weigh 40 tons on average.  Learn more about Panama Whale Watching

These wonderful marine mammals breathe air and to that effect, regularly up to surface approximately every 40 minutes or less.

Simply because the little whales, his birth, has a layer of fat too thin to withstand the cold waters. When born, is between 3.50 and 5 meters, and weighs a just ton. To form, then a greasy protective layer and gain enough strength to go to her mother for the trip back, it will consume, daily, about 200 liters of milk ... This milk is very rich and very nutritious, the 'smell' will take 45 kilograms a day!
It is a real pleasure and a thrill to see Mother playing with her offspring.

The whale has only one offspring every 2 years. The gestation period is 11 to 12 months. Sometimes the mate in the same season that they gave birth.



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Check-in from 6:15 am to 6:45 am.  Departure time 7:00 am, from Flamingo Marina, next To Felipe Motta.  

Included breakfast and lunch. It is scheduled a stop at Contadora or Chapera Island where you can swim in the beach.

Back around 5:30 pm. 



A mega motor Catamaran Vessel (it is our default vessel but it might vary), guides, life jackets, cooler, water, snacks.  It does not include hotel pick-up; but if requested it can be arranged and quoted.

WHO CAN GO ? This sea package set departures are designed for families, couples, and friends that enjoy to team up for adventures in the outdoors.  

Minors must travel with a responsible adult.  Persons older than  3 years old, 2 years old or younger are not allowed.


Sport clothes and shoes, such as surf lycra, sun protection, hat, spare clothing, camara.

WHAT SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT ? Objects that can be damaged or lost such as jewels.



Child (5-12 years old) :  $ 155.00 

Adults (13+ years old) : $ 175.00 

You can inquire  scheduled fix departures  dates at orange Book Now Button above. 



Pearl Islands Panama whale watching tours best time is between June and October

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