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First, I never write recommendation if at all, ever, but I feel compelled to do so in this case. The folks at Adventure Panama took care of my family, as if we were their family. They are caring, thoughtful, and genuine making sure we push the limits of our desire while keeping us safe and always in control. Javier (owner and started the company over 25 years ago) helped plan our trip with little notice (I advise you get a hold of him prior to your arrival to get the most from him and his company). He was personable and gave great advise to ensure we had the appropriate experience given the abilities of the group (my family is pretty adventurous). We spend the morning traveling to Darien National Park. We continued into the banks of the Chagris River where we met local tribesmen from the Embera Tribe who then took us deeper into the Jungle to their native village for an experience which few folks will get to see first hand, truly amazing. From there we traveled through Darien National Park to the Chagris River for a kayaking and rafting excursion which was both exciting and relaxing. Our guides were well versed and expert paddlers and which allowed us to relax and enjoy the water and jungle.

The expertise of our guides came front and center when we overshot our exit point (the river level changes daily and the landscape with it) and found ourselves running out of light. Our guides kept us calm, and sent a GPS signal to their company informing them of our predicament. The guides quickly went into survival mode and found shelter, food, and started a fire - all the while providing us an option of sending an S.O.S. signal which would have dropped a helicopter on us for evacuation. Javier contacted the local Indian Tribes who rescued us in pitch dark in a dug out canoe! Javier personally drove out and greeted us, fed us, and drove us to our hotel. I know our experience was not typical, but when you chose to conduct adventure of any type of extreme outings, it is paramount to make sure you place your life into the hands of professionals. Javier, Ivan, and the rest of the Adventures Panama crew rose to the occasion and provided us with an unforgettable, and positive experience, even in the face of distress. I highly recommend them to anyone heading to Panama, give Javier a call and let his staff of experts take care of you, your family, and.or group. You will not regret it.

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