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Great adventure from beginning to end. Javier the tour owner was a good source of info. Polite and very accurate information. Always available to respond any questions we had prior and after the tour. The entire trip was right on the money regarding all the details that were explained in the website and talking to Javier. It began right at 5:00 am and ended right at 6:00pm as told. The tour guides (Ivan aka Chile, Alexander aka Tico and Rigo aka Indio) were amazing. These guys were attentive, informative, entertaining, cautious and professional. I did the tour with my entire family including three children (17, 13, 10) and everything went well because of the tour guides.

They made sure we had fun but safety was a priority. It began with a nice drive from the city to the mountain in a 4x4 truck for an hour and then we stop in a local shop to eat a panama breakfast (fried bread, fried chicken and coffee) just delicious. Then we drove thru the rough mountain until we arrived to our hiking destination.There we met the locals with two horses which were going to lead the way to the river and carry the equipment. We hike for an hour and half and hike we did. It is a beautiful hike thru the virgin jungle but you must be in shape because it includes steep hills in a hot and humid climate. The tour guys are understanding and they will go at your pace and will provide water. After a long while we arrive to the banks of the Chagres river. There we inflated the rafts and began our 5 hours rafting experience. Around 11:30am we stop to eat a light but nutricious lunch. From time to time the guide will make brief stops to let you enjoy a nice refreshing swim in the crystal clear river. Just a beautiful river.

The rapids were short and not too dangerous. The guides will stop and check the drops prior going thru them. Very thoughtful! My guide Alexander was very entertaining and knowledgeable of the river. Afterwards, we arrived to the Emberas Indian Village and from there we travel to our final destination in a piragua boat (a timber indian boat) Then they drop us at the hotel. Overall, it was a great experience you might think you are a member Nat Geo or Discovery channel in a jungle report. I recommend this trip to everyone that is really in for a CHALLENGE. At the end of the trip we were exhausted but much rewarded because it was once of a lifetime experience. Thanks guys for unforgettable experience!

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