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Panama 011 (507) 6679-3444 |


While visiting Peru, Ecuador, Belize, Costa Rica
and other destination stopover in Panama !

When you search for a tourist destinations in South or Middle America countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Belize, and Costa Rica which are well positioned as tourist destination due to their well known attractions such as the Galapago Islands and Machu Picchu very little is out there about Panama, except for its Panama Canal.  However Panama  is much more than a ditch between the oceans.  

Now, thanks to Panama stopover flights  if you were planning to visit any destination in America flying through Panama you can visit it for the same flight price with participating airllines.  

If you are looking for authentic and real off the beaten path adventures include a visit to Panama in your itinerary, and let Adventures Panama design it for you.


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Panama offers the greatest bio diversity per square feet in the area, and being it such a small country, that is a BIG statement.  

Come explore the jungles that make possible to operate the Panama Canal, the Guna Yala Archipelago in the Caribbean,, Boquete highlands.  Adventures Panama offers trips right from Panama City Airport that could last from some hours to a couple of weeks.