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Gunas Culture • Pristine Islands and Coral Reef • Kayaking



  • San Blas islands panama kayaking
  • Panama kuna islands
  • San Blas Panama islands panama snorkeling
  • All-inclusive package
  • Guna Yala culture
  • Age: 9 and up
  • Base camp
  • Gateway: Panama City


kayak san blas islands panama kayaking

They are politically a nation within Panama with their own language, culture, laws and territory. However, they are also Panamanians.

There wasn´t a single road connecting Guna Yala with the rest of Panama (not until 2007). Guna´s efforts to preserve their identity, and their control over San Blas has made it possible to keep this region as the pristine paradise it is today.

About our San Blas islands Panama kayaking

Adventures Panama provides logistics, gear, and guides to take small groups of 6-12 persons to explore the San Blas Archipelago as far as Cayos Holandeses in Sea-Kayaks for 5 days. If it is too windy we will stay at Cayos Limon.

This is a chance to interact with Guna culture, and enjoy paddling and snorkeling and nearby set up campsite to explore the area further.


Day 1
 Depart at 05:00 am from Panama City in 4x4 vehicle and arrive at Carti, Guna Yala, around 08:00am to transfer to the Campsite by motorboat. Familiarization with Sea Kayaking.

Day 2
 Sea Kayaking and Snorkeling. Today we will choose a circuit to explore nearby islands paddling close to 1.5 - 2 hours each way, taking lunch to go.  We usually depart by 9:00am and are back to the camp by   4:00pm

Day 3
 Sea Kayaking and Snorkeling. Same activities and day schedule as previous day; but, with a different destination with different coral reefs, and islands. Today or on the previous day we will visit a Guna Village nearby to learn about their culture.

Day 4
Depart after breakfast back to the city through Carti arriving to Panama City around noon.



WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE ? All mentioned transportation, Sea-Kayaks and gear, guides, camping gear, meals and beverages. Shopping stops for Guna souvenirs. Our guides are trained in Sea Kayaking navigation skills, first-aid, and CPR.

WHO CAN GO ? Any person older than 12 years, in good health.

WHAT SHOULD YOU TAKE ALONG ? Swim suit or a pair of shorts and lycra shirt (or regular t-shirt) for paddling and snorkeling, sandals, a big hat, tons of sun lotion, snorkeling gear, dryback with spare clothes, flash light, personal hygiene productes and first aid items. 

It is mandatory to bring along an ID, passport,  that confirms that you are legally in the country since we will pass through Inmigration's check point.

WHAT SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN ? Any object that could be deteriorated by water or valuables like jewels, cash, credit cards, etc. (We can keep them in storage for you at our office in Panama City).


Do not forget your ID....It is mandatory for every participant to bring along an ID that confirms that he or she is legally in Panama(such as an stamped passport).  We will pass through a road immigration's check points, and if you do not bring proper ID, you will be under immigration custody for more time than you can possible think as reasonable. We wont delay the group itinerary if a participant forgets his/her ID and we wont be able to assist you on this matter until our return.... Do not forget your stamped passport


USD $ 1,350.00 per person; This trip requires a minimum of 6 persons to be launched.
Group leader will go free for a group of more than eight persons.


San Blas Islands Panama kayaking is a year-round activity. Take a vacation on Panamas Caribbean Islands, you have the choice of the San Blas Islands Panama and the Bocas del Toro Islands.

During the Dry Season, from January through March, the North winds settles diminishing chances of sand flies and chances of rain. The water is cooler than the other months.  Although it is good to snorkel it´s not the best time for it. Occasionally wind and waves might be tough for a less experienced paddler.  

During the Rainy Season, from April-May through December there is rain, although it is very unusual to have rain that keeps us from paddling and snorkeling. The water is warmer and with greater visibility for snorkeling. We can expect days with out waves at all. And yes, we might have to trust more in our insect repellent than the wind to take care of sand flies.