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  • Sea Voyage on board   The Discovery
  • Journey Between Seas - Panama Canal
  • Caribbean and Pacific Ocean
  • Barro Colorado at Gatun Lake
  • Darien Jungle
  • Ground and ocean transportation
  • All-inclusive package
  • Gateway: Panama City

panama25Experience Panama in the most intense way possible - aboard The Discovery. More than a sea voyage, far more than a cruise, a journey on The Discovery is a true sensory experience. You will witness Panama in all of its glory through sight, sound, smell, touch, and more. Enjoy the scent of the rain forest, the sea, and the mountains. Feel the textures of native handicrafts, forest growth, and ocean foam. Listen to the beautifully preserved languages of native peoples as well as the dialects of the many cultures that fill the towns, villages, and cities. 

Taste the delicious flavors of many cuisines and the freshest foods. There is nothing that can compare to a true travel experience of this kine - a discovery of an entirely new world.

The true adventurers and world travelers will immediately understand the opportunity available aboard The Discovery. Taking a "Journey Between the Seas" on a vessel such as this offers an unprecedented exploration. This trip creates a body, mind, and spiritual experience thanks to the compact nature of the vessel, the narrow marine routes it will follow, and the pristine land we travel as a group.

You crew of only ten has been selected and trained to provide 24 travelers with the ideal experience that is possible only aboard The Discovery. Comfortable and roomy cabins, ample lounges, and plenty of space on deck will allow travelers to revel in the landscape and scenery passing by. Everything is immediate, vivid, and so close! And nothing compares to the magic that occurs as every night melts into a sea of brilliant sunrise and as each new dawn creates the ideal conditions for a day of exploration.

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Northbound Journey

Day 1 Panama City - Flamenco Marina

Leave the city and head south into the archipelago towards the beautiful and popular Contador Island. Part of the Pearl Islands, The Discovery stays here for its first night at sea. The next day we begin to navigate our way towards Darien Jungle. This is an ideal time to get to know one another, our expedition leaders, and the crew. Enjoy your first experience of our amazing native cuisine. (D)

Day 2 Darien Jungle

A rare and exciting day is ahead. Today you and your fellow travelers will head back more than 600 years in time as you enter the remote Darien Jungle. Traveling by motor boat up the river, you may feel your breath catch as an ancient village emerges from jungle growth or mist. Then prepare yourself for a remarkable treat as you meet the Embera Indians. This is a privileged and truly remarkable opportunity as these indigenous people have managed to maintain their culture, lifestyle, and traditions in the ways before the Spaniards arrived. They have lasted through colonization and centuries of change, and this is something few people will be able to encounter. The Embera are artisans and master crafters who will show you their impressive basketry and cocobolo wood carvings. Along the way up or down the river, you might have caught a glimpse of rare birds and wildlife too, so keep a sharp eye for a visual treasure and have your camera at the ready. We return to The Discovery for our evening of rest and relaxation before another busy day. (B, L, D)

Day 3 Pearl Islands – San Telmo & Mogo Mogo

The Pearl Islands were one of the first chosen by the Spaniards, and they earned their name for the enormous number of pearls taken from the oysters that filled the fisheries of the surrounding waters. Today, there is no longer a massive pearl industry, and so you can snorkel and swim in the bright and clear waters. We head to the outer area of the archipelago and visit the islands of San Telmo and Mogo Mogo. You may enjoy the beautiful beaches and the impressively fertile fishing grounds. You can also checkout the remains of the Civil War era submarine - the Explorer - that was built in 1865, but sunk off the coast of San Telmo when doing oyster fishing in the late 1800s. (B, L, D)

Day 4 Panama Canal Transit – Gatun Lake

Today you will rise at the Pacific entrance to the famous Panama Canal, and our vessel will join the line of ships waiting to enter the passage. We travel the northbound canal passage and will make our way through the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks. The Discover is going to brought 85 feet above sea level to Gatun Lake. Don't miss your chance to view this impressive feat as our passengers get to witness the operation of the locks up close from the decks. We will then enter the Gaillard Cut, which is the narrowest portion of the canal, and which allows us to bisect the Continental Divide. Here too you won't want to miss a moment as this is a section that is geologically significant and which reveals the endless maintenance needed on the canal to prevent any landslides from occurring. We spend the evening in Gatun Lake on Panama Canal waters. (B, L, D)

Day 5 Panama Canal – Barro Colorado

Progress often demands a price, and the construction of the Panama Canal meant the loss of the lower jungle tract that now sits beneath the waters of Gatun Lake. As this was once an area of abundant wildlife, many of the creatures that once inhabited the forests made their way to the higher mountain elevations. These peaks are now islands that dot the surface of the lake. Today we visit Barro Colorado Island where the Smithsonian’s Tropical Research Center is found. Our leader will guide smaller water vessel past lush rainforests to secluded areas of the lake and allow travelers to witness the impressive beauty of the jungle. You may encounter exotic birds, monkeys, sloths, iguanas, and crocodiles and other animals in native surroundings. Be prepared for sensory overload, and be sure to have your camera at the ready as this area is also known as a premier location for viewing monkeys and other animals. The Discovery will exit the Panama Canal in the afternoon on its way to the mouth of the Chagres River. (B, L, D)

Day 6 Chagres River - Fort San Lorenzo

History is in abundance on this day of exploration as we encounter the Chagres River. This was once used by the conquistadors to transport gold across the land bridge or Isthmus of Panama and then to Peru. From there the gold was sent to Spain. This same method was also used by gold prospectors seeking a "short cut" from the US East coast to the gold fields of California. Thus, this river was the heart of the colonial inter-oceanic route but has now become a lifeline of the Panama Canal full of wildlife and tropical jungle. Naturally, there is more than just the river and you will get to explore Fort San Lorenzo; located on a cliff at the mouth of the Chagres on the Atlantic side. Here your leader explain the rich history to be discovered in this area, including further details about the Spaniards, their gold routes, and more. Later that evening, the Discovery will return to Colon, where it will spend the night before disembarking the next day. (B, L, D)

Day 7 Portobelo – Caribbean

You last sunrise on board The Discovery! Enjoy a hearty farewell breakfast before you disembark. You will be taken by motor coach to Portobelo and enjoy this historic and unique town. Founded by Christopher Columbus on his fourth voyage to the new continent in 1597, it is rich in history. The location of many sea and land battles between the Spanish colonials and the pirates and corsairs raiding the Spanish Main, it has remnants of the fortifications built by the Spaniards to protect their treasures. We also pay a visit to the Church of San Felipe, the sanctuary of the Black Christ. Later in the day we board the Panama Canal Railway train back to Panama City - considered one of the world's best train rides. Only one hour, the trip will allow you to traverse the picturesque trans-isthmian route from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. Flanking the Panama Canal, it passes through lush rainforests, runs alongside the locks, back through the Gaillard Cut and then glides over slender causeways near Gatun Lake before reaching the city. (B, L)

 B = Breakfast

L = Lunch

D = Dinner                                                   

 NOTE: A southbound journey follows the same exploration route in reverse

* Cruise itineraries are subject to wind, tide and weather conditions and are operated at the sole discretion of the provider, in the interests of the safety and welfare of the passengers, vessel, and crew.

 THE SHIP: The Discovery.

Discovery is a 33 meter, purpose built catamaran providing 8 queen and 4 twin cabins. All cabins have individual climate control, bathrooms and huge windows, which extend along the length of the cabin allowing you to enjoy the scenery in complete privacy.

Passenger numbers on The Discovery are limited to just 24, ensuring everyone can enjoy serenity and privacy as well as the excitement and closeness of a true exploration cruise.

The dining area, bar and lounge are located on the middeck which is fitted with floor to ceiling “glass walls” providing a spectacular dining experience and plenty of space to unwind. Enjoy Panamanian haute gastronomy as we delight travelers with delicious indigenous dishes prepared by our talented chef. A BBQ and sun deck are located on the topmost observation deck.

The Discovery is equipped with a unique platform that lowers kayakers gently into the water and also retrieves them in perfect safety and comfort.

THE LEADERS, the experts.

Onboard The Discovery you will find enthusiastic expedition leaders that will provide insight and profound understanding of the adventure we will undertake. They are experienced and well-trained naturalists ready to share their vast knowledge and understanding.

Our expedition leaders also share a love for history and a passion for nature. They will introduce travelers to native human groups that still preserve their customs and traditions, and to a world of stunning natural beauty and rich history unknown and unavailable to most. They are experts in their fields and they will make the journey onboard The Discovery an unforgettable experience.

Technical Information






- LOA: 33 MTS.

- BEAM: 9.75 MTS.










- RANGE: 850 NM.



WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE ? All mentioned transportation, rafts or duckies, sea kayak(tandem or single) and related gear, camping gear, guides, trip's meals. Our guides are trained in river and sea navigation skills, first-aid and CPR.

WHAT SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT ? At day tours leave object than can be deteriorated by water or valuables like jewels, cash, credit cards, etc.


$3450 per person. There will be a $250 per person early booking discount if full payment is received by Aventuras Panama 180 days before departure.





Double Occupancy



USD  7,900 

USD  3,950 

116 sq ft (11 mts2)


USD 8,100 

USD 4,050 

133 sq ft (16 mts2)

Single Occupancy



USD 5,925  USD 5,925  116 sq ft (11 mts2)


USD 6,075

USD 6,075

133 sq ft (16 mts2)


Price includes:

- Transfers of passengers to and from the ship.

- Transportation, shore excursions, and the use of equipment

- All meals, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages onboard the ship.

- Taxes and port charges.


This package is good  year around.


(1) Aventuras Panama reserves the right, at its sole criteria, to exchange program with similar activities or accommodations in case it considers it necessary.
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