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  • Watch both Oceans
  • Excellent fitness level is required
  • Very demanding and challenging trail
  • Amazing rock formations
  • 8 - 10 hours hike
  • All-inclusive package
  • Gateway: Chiriqui


volcan baru hike

Baru Volcano Trip, a guided Hike to the Top.  At 3,475 meters (11,400 feet), "el Volcan Baru" is the highest point of Panama.

Join us to make the steep and rugged climb by foot. You will make your way to the dormant volcano’s summit, as you traverse through rolling green hills, lush jungle, and finally to rocky cliffs.

Volcan Baru, a dormant volcano just south of the Continental Divide, is one of the only places in the world where you can see both, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea at the same time with the naked eye. Dozens of people attempt the climb daily, hoping to make summit before the gorgeous sunrise shines above the clouds, to then light up the beautiful mountain town of Boquete. It is a unique sensation to be on Panama's highest point


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Located in the western province of Chiriqui; The towns of Volcan, Cerro Punta and Guadalupe can be found on its western side, while Boquete is on the eastern flank. The fertile volcanic soil and climate of the area make it one of Panama's most productive agriculture regions as it is also drained by the Chiriqui and Caldera Rivers.The Volcan Baru is roughly equidistant from Panama's northern and southern coastlines, and only about 25 kilometers east of the border with Costa Rica. Due to its height and Panama's relatively short width it is possible to see both the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean (the Caribbean Sea to be more precise) from the Volcan Baru's peak on a clear day.Large trees dominate the Baru Volcano's lower slopes, giving way on the upper slopes to smaller plants, bushes, scrub and alpine wildflowers. To learn more about the wildlife that you could encounter read about the Baru Volcano National Park, on the right side of this page.From the summit, you will get the breath-taking panoramic view of both of Panama’s coastlines, the Pacific and the Caribbean for a “once-in-lifetime” opportunity to witness a volcano sunrise from the highest point in Panama.


We will meet at a pre-arranged location(Plaza Los Establos by default) at 11:00 PM. Next we will check that all the necessary gear and hiking equipment is in place and begin to get acquainted with the rest of our fellow hikers who will accompany us forthe following 12 hours. A short security briefing is given by our tour
guide and then we commence our journey.

We start our hike at 11:30 PM

The scenery during the hike is very dynamic. From rolling grass-covered hills to the dense jungle and even rocky cliffs, the sights are endless. At the 9 km mark, there is a view of one of the craters which is quite impressive. Extinct for nearly 500 years, the crater is completely covered with growth, as are the crater's walls. Some trails exist on the top, leading to either side of the crater. Other trails to smaller craters also exist, however, we are headed to conquer the Volcano's peak.

When the sun starts to rise, beautiful colors of purple, orange, pink and red appear. The sky slowly changes from black to blue while the clouds dissipate and re-form due to the temperature changes caused by the rising sun. This is the best moment to see the oceans. It is hard to put into words how amazing it is to watch this new day begin. You may have seen sunrises before, but surely few compare to one witnessed at the top of Baru.

Arriving at the top before the sun comes out gives you an amazing opportunity to see how the stars and moon hide just before you witness one of the most spectacular sunrises of your life. On a clear day you will also be able to see the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea from the top. This once in a lifetime opportunity is sure to not dissapoint.

Return at 11:00 AM


WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE ? Roundtrip Transport, Experienced Bilingual Guide, National Park Entrance Fees, Refreshments

WHO CAN GO? Any person from sixteen to seventy years old, in good health, and very, very good physical fitness. Minors must travel with a responsible adult.


Rain Gear
Snacks, Food, and Energy Bars
Sturdy Hiking Shoes
Sun Block
Warm Clothing 
Water Bottle
Waterproof Camera


Any object than can be deteriorated by water or valuables like jewels, cash, credit cards, etc.


USD $ 90.00 per person


Year Round