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Panama 011 (507) 6679-3444 |


Worldwide students are welcome at Adventures Panama !

Student Program • Trainee Program • Adventure Job • Summer Job



  • You should love the outdoors
  • Master English and Spanish
  • Be in your last year of studies
  • Join us for more than 5-6 month
  • Emphasis on Digital Marketing
  • Travel savvy


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5 Reasons to Intern with us

1. Learn all about our company and how a tour operator works.

 Working in a small company such as Aventuras Panama provides you the opportunity to get insight of many aspects like accounting, customer service, reservations, market research, and marketing activities.

2. Work independently!

You will plan, organize and accomplish itineraries, and you will learn how to manage a tour from beginning to end. 

3. Explore the beauty of Panama!

Participate on Adventures Panama’s trips, and get to know the diversity of Panama-jungles, 

paradisiac islands, canyons, volcanoes, indigenous cultures.   Panama has so much to offer! 

4. Be creative!

You will be always supported with your work, and you will have the chance to fulfill your ideas. Working with Aventuras Panama will be a good experience for your professional career in tourism.

5. It's a once in a lifetime experience!

Spending time in Panama will broaden your horizon, you will get to know a new and unique culture and you can improve your language skills.



"Thank you Adventures Panama! For giving me the opportunity to work and live in this embracing country. I truly learned a lot about mechanisms in a tour operator, due to the fact that I had to take responsibility in different segments of this small company. I was working manly in sales but also helped to organize and run all the different trips. Further I got insight in the administrative side of the operations and learned about creating and budgeting itineraries. I wasn´t treated like an intern but like an appreciated colleague, whose opinon mattered.

Since I was able to join most of the trips offered from Adventures Panama, I kayaked in the Caribbean Sea and the Panama Canal, I rafted through the Chagres National Park, swam through a cave and took a helicopterride into virgin Jungle!! - Just to mention some highlights.

I also had the chance to work and support the event “AdventureWeek Panama”. In that week I got to know international Tour Agents, the complexity of touristic logistics and what it means to host larger groups; lots of work but one of the best experiences during my time in Panama! 

Apart from the great time I had, working for Adventures Panama, I was able to travel and understand this diverse country. I climbed Panama's highest point, learned about coffee production, Spanish Conquistadores, Panama´s indigenous folks, and culture. I was able to greatly improved my language skills, to experience another way of living, to learn salsa and to meet inspiring and like-minded people. 

I definitely wouldn´t want to change my decision choosing Adventures Panama and this incredible country for my internship!"

- Nele K. (21), Germany, intern in summer 2018, Westcoast University 

"The internship at Adventures Panama has been a truly enriching experience. I have learned so much during the last couple of months which has been helping me become even more confident and made me realize what I want to go for after my Bachelor. 

At Adventures Panama you are not treated like a normal intern but rather like an employee having a lot of responsibilities but also freedom to take own decisions. You feel important and as it is quite a small company you are needed and appreciated. My responsibilities were Sales and Operations, meaning that I was basically in charge of everything going on in this company. Furthermore I was responsible for Online Marketing on various Social Media Platforms. It never got boring as there was always something to do. Also the fellow employees are really nice which made settling in at this company very easy. 

Panama itself is an amazing country, offering so much to do, varying landscape, two Oceans being so close and amazing people. Never have I met so many different nationalities like here. Truly inspiring. Would definitely recommend it to anyone open minded, willing to take responsibility workwise and likes to travel and explore."

- Helen Krueger (21), Germany, intern in summer 2017, Westcoast University


"My time here in Panama has changed my life in many ways. This small country is incredibly diverse and has much to offer-I swam through canyons, camped in the middle of a jungle, jumped from cliffs, spent time in the Island Paradis San Blas, climbed a volcano and many more adventures.

The internship beaded all my expecatations-from the beginning I was warmly welcomed by my colleagues and got responsible duties-typical intern task as copy files do not exist here. I learned a lot about the processes in a tour operator and gained insights into sales, operations and marketing. The culture of Panama is very different in contrast to Germany and taught me a lot about the pursuit of happiness and strengthened my personality. Thanks Adventures Panama, I will be back soon!"

- Rieke S. (22), Germany, intern in summer 2016, Westcoast University


"I was a happy member of the Adventures Panama team for 7-months as part of my BBA Program Tourism Management. The placement provided me with a great knowledge and trained me to take care of the Sales Department and International Sales.

Since Adventures Panama is a small tour operator, all departments work closely together.  This has the advantage that I got an insight in the importance of each department: the Sales Department, the Financial Department, the Marketing Department, and Operations.

During the internship I was responsible to quote & budget itineraries, take phone calls, answer Emails & Mylife chat, conduct market research & develop a suitable itinerary for the European market, assist a travel show in Daytona, update portals and availability of Casa Romero (B&B of Javier Romero), edit and design promotional videos. 
If you like to get creative yourself and work independently, while also having the chance to go on adventurous trips and understand the complexity of running a tour operating business, Adventures Panama is the perfect company for you!"

 - Tanja B. (23), Germany, Intern in 2014/2015  


"We spent an internship with Aventuras Panama in 2001. Both of us were students of tourism management in Kempten, Germany. The internship was an obligatory part of our studies and lasted 18 weeks. The internship gave us very complete view on how a tour operator works. We could get a good experience of both the admistrative as well as the practical work at Adventures Panama. It gave us the opportunity to work independently. We made experience in all aspects of running a tour operator e.g. accounting, customer service, reservations, market research and marketing activities. Furthermore we planned, organized and accomplished outdoor itineraries. Hiring guides, providing all necessary food and beverages, preparing the equipment and attending clients was part of the work as well as post processiong the tours and customer relationship management. The owner of the company, Javier Romero, always supported our work and gave us the chance to fulfill our ideas. Working for Adventures Panama was a very good experience to get prepared for our professional carrier in tourism business. We can recommend Adventures Panama to every student to get a realistic view on all aspects of running a tour operator."

- Nora Kluger and Michael Seiterle, Intern in 2001, Germany


 "I was an intern at Adventures Panama in 2003/2004 for 5 month. At this time I was studying Tourism Management in Kempten in the very south of Germany. The internship was an obligatory part of my studies. I chose Adventures Panama because I wanted to improve my Spanish, get to know a small tour operator with all aspects, get to know the tropical part of Central America and the people living there, travel in a not very known country here at this time and of course because I love the outdoors and adventures. I came there in the rainy season; it was very hot and humid which really gave me a hard time. But this was worth it, as all the rain filled the rivers with plenty of water and I experienced great adventures on all the trips. I rafted there in white water classes up to 5 – only once but it is true! I hiked through the jungle, camped on the river banks and in indigenous villages. I experienced how people live in Panama in the city, in rural areas, Indians traditionally in their villages… it was so interesting and exciting getting so close. In the office there was just one employee at this time and me. So I had to do everything and was able to take over great responsibility which made me learn so many things. I was welcomed so warmly by everyone and I enjoyed an amazing time there. All in all it was an unforgettable experience I still often think of it. And it helped me finding my first job for a tour operator in Germany creating tailor made itineraries in Latin America."

- Bettina R., Germany, intern in 2003/2004


What are you waiting for? Send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a motivation letter and a resumé and let the adventure get started. We're looking forward to hear from you.