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  • Half Day
  • 11 cables
  • Cloud Forest Zip Line
  • All-inclusive package
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Age: 9 and up
  • Gateway: Boquete, Chiriqui


3 Km’s along the tree tops! -  See the forest from the eye-view of the monkey and the Quetzal!- 100% safe!


boquete tree trek

In Boquete, Panama you can safely experience the thrill of a zip-line canopy tour that can be compared to the most famous in the world. BOQUETE TREE TREK: 3 kilometers in total length divided into 11 different zip-line cables. You will glide through the trees and encounter a world unknown… a fascinating perspective of life that you’d never believed existed.

Tarzan, 21st century ! Who would have thought that a technology utilized hundreds of years ago by our indigenous people and later perfected by botanists and naturalists to observe and study the behaviors of wild creatures in their natural habitat, would be transformed into one of the most revered extreme sports.

A harness, an ultra-resistant steel cable and gravity are the only elements necessary to suspend and propel the "fearless rider" in this incredible "adrenaline rush".

Security Measures:
The equipment and the steel cables that you will use, have the capacity to resist many times the weight of a human, no matter what.

Glide through the treetops of century-old forests, high above the pristine rivers and waterfalls that make up the incredible collection of natural landscapes bordering the National Park La Amistad and the famous Baru Volcano.

This is a tour traversing a cloud forest of century-old trees and waterfalls where at anytime you may encounter fog and the gentle rain we call bajareque. The wildlife within the treetops is immense and varied making it possible to appreciate our native species of small animals and birds; with a bit of luck you may even get the chance to see monkeys and the famed quetzal. In addition, you can marvel at sight of the great variety of orchids and wildflowers that you will find throughout the area.


The harness will support 2,000 pounds (907 Kg) and the cable will support 10,000 pounds (4536 Kg).

For safety, we recommend maximun weight of:

250 pounds for gentlemen = 113.4 Kg.
170 pounds for Ladies = 77.2 Kg.

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It might two daily departures: 8:00am to 12:30pm or 1:00pm to 5:00pm or both depending on time of the year. It starts at Plaza Los Establos, diagonal to Boquete main Park in downtown where we will ride in vehicles that will take up to the mountain.

Once in our quarters gear will be provided and safety measures explained to them take you to where it all start.  Guides will escort the group in each set of cables.

The tour ends back where it started at Plaza Los Establos in Boquete Down Town.


WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE ? Transportation from and to Boquete, guides, zip lines and  gear, 

WHO CAN GO ? Any person from 6 to seventy years old, in good health and phisical condition, weighting less than 200 pounds. Minors must travel with a responsible adult.

WHAT SHOULD YOU TAKE ALONG ? ID, hat, outdoors clothing, light boots or sneakers with good sole, complete change of clothes (in case of rain), sun protection, insect repellent, and pocket money.

WHAT SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT ? Sandals with out straps, and jewerly.


USD $ 65.00 per person
Group leader will go free for a group of more than ten persons.