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About our adventure trips:

 "Aventuras Panamá" or Adventures Panama pioneers adventure travel in Panama city and the country. It offers  soft adventure travel packages that include whitewater rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, camping, snorkeling, cultural inmersions on rainforest tribes, Panama vacation, Guna Yala, Panama City Panama, and more to turn your vacations in Panamain to unforgettable  memories. Visit Panama !

Panama is a bridge that unites North America with South America, and separates the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the narrowest area of America. That explain the huge biodiversity that you will encounter. Adventure into Panama Whale Watching, Bird Watching, or into any of our protected areas such as Soberania National Park to be amaze with our wildlife.

What ever your needs are in lodging, transfers, or activities we are here to help. If you can not find online what you are looking for contact us and we will be happy to assist you providing you reliable service.

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  • 10 cables and 13 platforms
  • Humid Tropical Rain Forest
  • All-inclusive package
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Age: 9 and up
  • Gateway: Panama City, Panama


3 Km’s along the tree tops! -  See the forest from the eye-view of the monkey, and the Harpy Eagle !- 100% safe!


gamboa tree trek

In Gamboa, Panama you can safely experience the thrill of a zip-line canopy tour. Gamboa Tree Trek: 1.4 kilometers of extension divided into 10 cables and 13 platforms. You will glide through the trees and encounter a world unknown… a fascinating perspective of life that you’d never believed existed.

Glide over the treetops of the tropical forest and admire the most incredible collection of natural landscapes bordering the Panama Canal and the Soberanía National Park. Enjoy a different view of the Panama Canal and the Chagres River.

Tarzan, 21st century ! Who would have thought that a technology utilized hundreds of years ago by our indigenous people and later perfected by botanists and naturalists to observe and study the behaviors of wild creatures in their natural habitat, would be transformed into one of the most revered extreme sports.

A harness, an ultra-resistant steel cable and gravity are the only elements necessary to suspend and propel the "fearless rider" in this incredible "adrenaline rush".

Security Measures:
The equipment and the steel cables that you will use, have the capacity to resist many times the weight of a human, no matter what..

This is a tour through the humid tropical forest. The wildlife between treetops is abundant and varied being able to appreciate with a little luck howler monkeys, white-faced monkeys, ñeques and birds like the Pico Toucan iris.


The harness will support 2,000 pounds (907 Kg) and the cable will support 10,000 pounds (4536 Kg).

For safety, we recommend maximun weight of:

250 pounds for gentlemen = 113.4 Kg.
170 pounds for Ladies = 77.2 Kg.



There are 3 daily departures:

  7:30am to return by 12:00pm
10:00am to return by   2:30pm
  1:00pm to return by   6:30pm (or by 5:30 on sundays)

It takes about one hour drive from Panama City to Gamboa Tree Trek, the tour and gear briefing, gear assignmet, and activity last about 2.5 hours and them another hour driving  back to the city. 

Guides will escort the group in each set of cables.


WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE ? Transportation, guides, zip lines and  gear, 

WHO CAN GO ? Any person from 6 to seventy years old, in good health and phisical condition, weighting less than 200 pounds. Minors must travel with a responsible adult.

WHAT SHOULD YOU TAKE ALONG ? ID, hat, outdoors clothing, light boots or sneakers with good sole, complete change of clothes (in case of rain), sun protection, insect repellent, water bottle(to be used while on the road), and pocket money(pictures will be taken at an additional cost and offered after the activity).

WHAT SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT ? Sandals with out straps, and jewerly.


USD $ 120.00 per person
Group leader will go free for a group of more than ten persons.




  • Guided nature trail
  • Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute facility
  • Lowland Tropical Moist Forest
  • Biological Research Station within the Panama Canal
  • All-inclusive package
  • Age: 13 and up in good health
  • Gateway: Panama City Panama


related barro colorado island

The Barro Colorado Island, BCI, it is located in Gatun Lake, by the Panama Canal main navigation channel is a biological reserch center  managed by The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, STRI.

It was formed with the creation of Lake Gatun in 1913 during the construction of the Panama Canal. The 15-square-kilometer island is home to one of the oldest tropical research stations in the world, where studies have been carried out for more than a century.  Yearly, more than 400 scientists visit this rainforest-covered living laboratory to study biology, ecology, evolution and animal behavior.

BCI teems with biodiversity. It is home to almost 400 bird species, some 500 species of butterflies and 500 species of trees. Lucky visitors will see (and hear) troupes of howler monkeys, colorful toucans, mischievous agoutis and millions-strong ant colonies


Dozens of trails weave through the forests of Barro Colorado. The trails for visitors include dozens of stops where guides will tell visitors about the history and scientific discoveries of the islands. The trails have moderate inclines and descents that may not be suitable for all visitors.

With views of the lush forests along either bank of the canal and the chance that you’ll cross paths with an enormous cargo ship, the boat ride to and from the island can be an adventure in itself.

A mecca for tropical biologists, Barro Colorado Island and five surrounding peninsulas provide easy access for scientists to central Panama’s lowland tropical forest. Collaborations among the more than 400 students and experts who visit each year yield research projects that help us understand one of the world’s most complex terrestrial ecosystems.

STRI was founded with the purpose of increasing and sharing knowledge about the past, present and future of tropical ecosystems and their relevance to human welfare. This work began in Panama in 1910, when the Smithsonian led one of the world’s first major environmental impact studies, which surveyed and catalogued the flora and fauna of the lowland tropical forests that would be flooded with the creation of the Panama Canal. A century later, the Smithsonian in Panama is a standard-setting global platform for groundbreaking research on tropical forests and marine ecosystems and their astounding biodiversity.

Today, STRI employs 40 staff scientists and hosts some 1,400 scientific visitors every year, from undergrads and interns to postdoctoral investigators and tenured research associates. Together, they collaborate on 350 running research projects and publish more than 400 peer reviewed articles in scientific journals every year. The research is not only shared widely around the global scientific community, but also reaches policymakers in Panama and beyond, receives media coverage around the globe, and is the foundation of an outreach and training program that reaches hundreds of teachers and tens of thousands of schoolchildren every year.



Begins by picking up guests at Panama City hotels early in the morning (around 5:45 a.m. on weekdays and 6:45 a.m.on weekdays). We will arrive to the departting dock in Gamboa an hour to 45 minutes  later  for check-in where we will  board a motorboat that will take you to BCI,.

The motorboat will take you along the Panama Canal main channel where you will enjoy the tropical rain forest  around the Gatun Lake. Also, you will see passing  vessels on their transit through the isthmus. Your guide, usually a biology student working on an ongoing research, will brief you  about natural history, and prepare the group for the walk along a trail loop that can be done in 2-3 hours.   It starts and ends at the Visitor Center, where you will find an exhibition regarding Barro Colorado National Monument. After arriving at the Visitor Center you will have a cafeteria-style lunch with a variety of dishes, including a vegetarian section. After lunch, there will be time to ask questions and relax. The ride back departs for Gamboa in the early afternoon where your driver will them take you back to your hotel.


WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE ? ground transfer, motorboat ride, bilingual guide, entrance fees, lunch.

WHO CAN GO ? Any person older than eight years, in good health and physical conditions.  Minors should be escorted by a responsable adult.

WHAT SHOULD YOU TAKE ALONG ?  long pants and long sleeve shirts, sneakers or light boots,  hat,  sun lotion, water bottle, insect reppelent, binoculars,  light poncho in the rainy season, and  set of dry clothes to change for the return trip in case of rain. 


Single traveler           : USD $ 299.00   
Two or more persons: USD $ 199.00 each



  • Canopy tour Panama El Valle
  • Lunch and transfers
  • Panama zip line
  • All-inclusive package
  • Mountain fresh climate
  • Age: 10 and up
  • Gateway: Panama City


panama canopy adventure canopy tour panama el valle panama zip line

The Canopy Tour, located around the spectacular waterfall "El Macho" in "El Valle de Anton," offers the adventurous the opportunity to ascend into the forest canopy and see jungle life from a perspective previously available only to a selected few nature researchers and photographers.

This is accomplished by modifying techniques originally used by spelunkers(cavers) and canyon  climbers to provide a safe and enjoyable passage above the forest floor for family members of all ages.  The circuit has 4 stations.

The Canopy Tour helps preserve the private forest reserve of "Refugio Ecológico" where the Macho Waterfall is located and which is administered by Raúl Arias de Para.



The tour starts picking up guesses at Panama City by 08:00 a.m. We will arrive to "El Valle" around 10:00 a.m. where we will be briefed on the history of The Canopy Tour and the origin of the private forest reserve.

We will hike through a nature trail for about one hour learning about the wonders of a tropical rain forest and pointing out flora and fauna typical of the place. Our hike will end where The Canopy Tours starts.

After a briefing on the gear and safety guidelines, guests will traverse from tree to tree and plataform to plataform using pulleys on horizontal traverse cables, as they sail through the tree tops, over the trails far below, and around the spectacular waterfall "Chorro Macho." Expert guides assist guests in this exciting journey through the different layers of the virgin rainforests and as they rappel back down to the forest floor.

Around noon, a typical Panamanian lunch will be served. Then we could visit the public market, Nispero Zoo, or any other place that the group wishes before returning back to Panama City around 3:00 p.m. We should be back around 5-6:00 p.m.


WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE ? Transportation, guides and zip line gear,  full lunch. After lunch activities are not included in sales price.

WHO CAN GO ? Any person from ten to seventy years old, in good health and physical condition, weighting less than 200 pounds. Minors must travel with a responsible adult.

WHAT SHOULD YOU TAKE ALONG ? ID, hat, outdoors clothing, light boots or sneakers with good sole, complete change of clothes (in case of rain), sun protection, insect repellent, and pocket money.

WHAT SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT ? Sandals with out straps, and jewerly.


USD $ 180.00 per person

Group leader will go free for a group of more than ten persons.


Canopy tour Panama el Valle is a year-round activity 


El Valle Canopy from Aventuras Panama on Vimeo.


  • Visit Embera Village
  • Typical lunch and beverages
  • Chagres National Park
  • All-inclusive package
  • Bilingual Guide
  • Age: 9 and up
  • Gateway: Panama City

visit embera village panama indigenous group embera tours panama city

More than ten years ago, several families of Embera original from the remote rainforest indigenous tribes of Darien´s jungle migrated to Chagres River's bank situated at less than an hour and half from Panama City.

The Chagres River is the main water source of the Panama Canal, and due to its importance in the national economy, the Chagres National Park was founded in 1984 to protect its watershed.


Parara Puru is a demostrative village of the embera`s culture, established in Chagres National Park thanks to its chief`s initiative, Antonio Tocamo. In it, the visitor has the oportunity to appreciate costums and believes of the village in the same way as he would experience it in the remote rainforest tribes of Darien`s jungle. 

View Parara Puru Embera Native Village by Aventuras Panama in a larger map


We start the tour picking up guesses at 8:00 a.m. at Panama City. We will arrive  around 9:30 a.m. After apreciating it, a historic briefing shall be given, and motorized dugout canoes will be boarded to navigate toward Parara Puru in a twenty minute trip.

At Parara Puru, its chief, Antonio Tocamo, and his people will welcome us. The indians will demonstrate us some of their tipical celebration and curative dances. There would be time to share with the indians in an informal way about their way of life (social, religious, economic and other aspects of their culture).

We'll walk a narrow trail where our indian guide will identify flora species that are used daily due to its properties for medicine, construction of habitat, and handcrafts. After a while we'll reach a lagoon with a waterfall where we take a rest for those who want to swim.

At around 01:00 p.m. will have a lunch in the village, and will have time to buy their famous handcrafts: cocobolo wood and tagua (or vegetable ivory) carving, and parara puru (palm leave) baskets.

At around 02:00 p.m. we will travel back to the closest road to take our vehícle to return back around 2-3:00 p.m.


WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE ? All mentioned transportation, bilingual guides, lunch and beverages, donation to Chagres Foundation.

WHO CAN GO ? Any person from eight to seventy years old, in good health, Minors must travel with a responsible adult.

WHAT SHOULD YOU TAKE ALONG ? Camara, hat, sun protection, sport clothing, sneaker or light boots with good soles, swinsuit and towel, and dry set of clothes for the trip back (there are chances to get wet even if you don't go for a swin).

WHAT SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT ? Sandals and jewerly.


USD $ 125.00 per person
Group leader will go free for a group of more than ten persons.


Visit Embera Village Panama indigenous group year-round


  • Fishing in Gatun lake Panama
  • All-inclusive package
  • Peacock bass
  • Age: Everyone
  • Gateway: Gamboa Panama

The Peacock Bass is not a Panama autochthonous fresh water fish. It was introduced in the late 1950s. By 1964, the lakes and rivers present at the Panama Canal Watershed were overrun with the aggresive cichlids. Since then, The Peacock Bass or "Sargento" has become the dominant sport fish species in the area, providing sport fishing opportunities.


Peacock bass fishing in pan

The Peacock Bass is very appreciated by sport firshermen due to its fighting qualities. Many travel agencies now arrange international fishing trips specifically to catch peacock bass.

The most common techniques for fishing Peacock Bass are similar to those for catching largemouth bass, with the notable exception that peacock bass usually will not strike artificial worms, a widely used lure among largemouth bass fisherman.

Their eating quality is very good. Their flesh is white and sweet when cooked, and has very little oil, making it similar in taste to or snapper, or grouper. Also, they are not excessively bony.

The presence of peacock bass in Panama has caused significant damage to the native fish assemblage, by eliminating seven out of 11 previously common fish species, and significantly reducing three others. Few measures can protect native fish once peacock bass have been introduced. After initial increase in abundance, introduced peacock bass often deplete local prey and resort to cannibalism. Therefore, by fishing peacock bass actually protects local fish.

View Gatun in a larger map


Hotel lobby pickup at 6:30 a.m. to take guest to Gamboa at the Chagres River confluence with the Panama Canal where designated fishing boat awaits. We will travel north along the Panama Canal in search of Gatun Lake best fishing spots.

Back to guest hotel around 1-1:30 p.m.


Transfer from and to Panama City hotel,  chartered Hurricane Fun Decks 201, 226 REF and center console open angler fishing boats, fully equipped with spin rods, bait casters, lures, live bait, and fly fishing equipment on request. snacks and lunch (cold sandwich), cooler, ice, bottled water and beverages

WHO CAN GO ? Everyone that do enjoy fishing.

WHAT SHOULD YOU TAKE ALONG ? light clothing, hat and sun protection. spare clothing is also a good idea.

WHAT SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN ? valuables like jewels, cash, credit cards, etc.


Persons   Price                 Total
               per person        ( $ USD)
 1                435.00             435.00
 2                278.00             555.00
 3                210.00             630.00
 4                174.00             695.00
 5                154.00             770.00
Up to 5 persons per boat.


Fishing in Gatun Lake Panama peacock bass is a year-round activity