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Top Family Vacation Destinations in Panama

Vacation Destinations in PanamaAs a melting pot of Panamanian, Indian, Caribbean, Spanish, and American cultures, Panama is a destination that provides nearly unlimited opportunities for children to learn about different customs and ways of life. With world-class beaches, rivers, mountains, trails, and man-made wonders, Panama also offers plenty of action and adventure.

The top family vacation destinations in Panama deliver the ideal mix of historical perspective, cultural intrigue, and natural beauty. You can get it all by including some or all of the following locations on your overseas family vacation.

Panama City and Canal

A Panama City and canal tour packs an incredible amount of experiences for the whole family into a small window of time.

By hitting a few key locations around Panama City with a bi-lingual guide, you can learn about many interesting modern and historic aspects of Panama’s fascinating capital city. Pack even more lessons into the day by visiting the Panama Canal to learn more about the origins, ongoing development, and economic impact of this man-made wonder.


There are many Panamanian locations that give families a glimpse into the wonders of virtually untouched, pristine landscape. Boquete, a mountainous region in the western part of the country, gives visitors a chance to enjoy all the natural beauty and outdoor action of rural Panama in the comfort of surprisingly pleasant temperatures.

Boquete tours often include hiking, rafting, canopy tours, visits to local hot springs, and much more. The elevation keeps the weather comfortable and moderate, making all these adventures all the more enjoyable for people of all ages.

Rafting Trips

Top Family Vacation Destinations in PanamaAny list of top family vacation destinations in Panama would have to mention the country’s rivers. A rafting trip is a safe, exciting way to explore some of Panama’s most beautiful areas.

From June through March, a Río Grande River rafting trip is a creative option for family groups exploring everything that Coclé Province has to offer. Coclé is Panama’s beach mecca, but it’s also known for El Valle, the mountain village located inside of an inactive volcano crater.

Boqueron River rafting trips also provide long-lasting memories to kids and adults alike. Launching from Panama City, this trip allows vacationers to explore Madden Dam, another triumph of American engineering that is related to the history of the Panama Canal.

Choose Your Family Adventure

With two coastlines stretching hundreds of miles, and countless adventures and learning experiences to discover in between, Panama is an incredibly family-friendly destination.

This list covered only a few of the top family vacation destinations in Panama. Leave us a comment if you had a great Panamanian experience that you’d like to share with other families.

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