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Father and Son take into the Panama Canal through the Chagres River

From Jan 5th through Jan 12th , 2018 Bob and Tim Miller, a team of father and son from Boston chose to trust Adventures Panama with its more emblematic adventure package, The Panama Canal through the Chagres River.

Here are their testimonials:

From Bob:

I was DELIGHTED with this tour. I have been recommending this trip to all my friends whole-heartedly. Coming from New England in January, what I wanted was some warm weather, unspoiled nature, good water for paddling, a fun adventure, a somewhat comfortable back country camping experience, decent equipment, and someone to make ALL the arrangements. And if I could wish for something I did not want, it would be mosquitos. I couldn’t believe it, but I got everything I wanted. And very few mosquitos (January 2018 – your mileage may vary!)

This trip combined radical 4WD to get to the rafting headwaters, a full day of Class II-III rafting, then four days of amazing paddling – all nature and we did not see another boater, tourist, or sign of civilization for most of the time. All this and only a few hours from the USA! Panama is a gem hiding in plain sight, and I was delighted to have it all to myself for the five days we were on the water.

We felt safe, comfortable, and we were certainly well-fed. Our guide, Orlando, is a professional chef and we enjoyed appetizers, beer and wine, multiple course hot dinners and breakfasts, and fresh pineapple with every meal.

The Aventuras Panama homeoffice tracked our every move with a special GPS that monitored our position and status (Orlando had to update our status every hour or so). The gear, training, and preparation were all good. All we had to do was paddle, enjoy the scenery, and eat the plentiful great food.

On a scale of one to five, where five is that all my expectations were perfectly satisfied, I’d give this trip a five. If there were a special category, though, for where most of what I got was beyond my expectations, I would not hesitate to give this trip that special category. The planning, logistic support, equipment, guides, friendliness, support, and packaging that Aventuras Panama provided was just fantastic.







From Tim:

Honestly, I didn’t do a ton of research for this trip—my dad asked if I wanted to go join him in Panama, I said sure, and a few weeks later I landed at the airport. But nothing else was necessary: every important detail and logistic was already figured out, and there couldn’t have been a better itinerary planned for the next seven days. We hiked, we rafted, we kayaked, we ATE, we explored, we camped, we met indians and locals, we fished—we did it all!

I’ll admit that the price struck me as a bit steep at first, but by the second day of the trip any of my reservations were completely dispelled. The amount of people involved to make this possible was truly extraordinary: there was Jorge, who coordinated airport dropoffs, pickups, and city tours. There was Benito, the fearless AWD driver who drove our motley crew overs steep, rutty hills heaped with red mud on treacherous jungle roads. There were two horses and a contingent of locals who schlepped our rafting equipment through the forest to the mouth of the Rio des Piedras. Fabian and Javier, our seasoned rafting guides; the Emberra tribe, who picked us up in their motorized canoes and hosted us in their village; Orlando, who was our kayaking captain through Gatun Lake; Jose, our motorboat escort, and a handful of other people who met us along the way to help us portage around dams, locks, and isthmuses. By the end of the trip, I was amazed by how many people we had met and how much we had done.

To the avid adventurer: I can’t recommend this trip enough!


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Certificate of Excellence 2016
Certificate of Excellence 2016

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA/PANAMA – May 25th, 2016 – Adventures Panama today announced that it has received a TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence. Now in its sixth year, the achievement celebrates hospitality businesses that have earned great traveler reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. Certificate of Excellence recipients include accommodations, eateries and attractions located all over the world that have continually delivered a quality customer experience.

“With the Certificate of Excellence, TripAdvisor honors Adventures Panama that has consistently received strong praise and ratings from travelers,” said Heather Leisman, Vice President of Industry Marketing, TripAdvisor. “This recognition helps travelers identify and book companies that regularly deliver great service. TripAdvisor is proud to play this integral role in helping travelers feel more confident in their booking decisions.”

The Certificate of Excellence accounts for the quality, quantity and recency of reviews submitted by travelers on TripAdvisor over a 12-month period. To qualify, a business must maintain an overall TripAdvisor bubble rating of at least four out of five, have a minimum number of reviews and must have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least 12 months.

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Enrique Iglesias and feat.Wisin choose Panama to film Mega Hit video “Duele el Corazon”

Sarigua National Park, a semi-desert  area located in Azuero and some other locations  within Panama City were chosen to film the latest video of Enrique Iglesia Mega Hit “Duele el Corazon.”

Check out these great sceneries at Preview of video Duele el Corazon

WARNING !!! Allow enough room around you because your body will urge you to dance (-:

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The Panama Papers? Here’s The Real Panama Story

Taken from

This story appears in the May 31, 2016 issue of Forbes. Subscribe

SAY “PANAMA” these days and the word “papers” quickly comes to mind. Too bad. I recently visited this small Central American country and saw firsthand what is largely unknown: Panama is a huge economic success story, enjoying an average annual growth rate that’s about the best in the world in the 21st century. Things have “slowed” recently: Growth last year was a tad below 6% but is expected to be a bit above 6% this year. Unlike the numbers coming out of China these days, which are ostensibly slightly higher, Panama’s are the real deal. Its growth is still light-years ahead of that in most of the world’s countries.

Contrary to global headlines, Panama is no sleazy money-laundering backwater. Quite the opposite. Panama City is becoming the financial center of Latin America, with scores of global and Latin-American financial institutions having a sizable presence there. The country has made considerable progress in transparency. The multigovernment Financial Action Task Force on money laundering removed Panama from its gray list this year. In 2012 it was taken off the OECD’s blacklist of tax havens. Panama is implementing other reforms, such as doing away with anonymous shareholder certificates, and expects to be in compliance with OECD transparency standards by 2018.

Investors think Panama’s prospects are bright. The government recently floated a $1.2 billion bond issue, which was quickly oversubscribed. Government debt to GDP is only 40%; in the U.S. it’s over 100%.

In terms of moving freight, Panama has made itself the economic crossroads of the Americas. It has handled control of the canal well since it took over in 1999. The number of containers moving through this historic byway in 1993 was 267,000. Today there are well over 6 million, and with the opening of a third set of locks in June, which will enable the canal to handle today’s megaships, that number should surge to well over 12 million. The massive infrastructure attendant upon this growth in traffic has obviously been a boon to the country. The government wisely didn’t treat the canal as a short-term political piggy bank the way most countries have done with, say, their state-owned oil companies. Considerable sums have been reinvested in the canal. The resultant growing volume of trade has meant that government revenues from the canal have also grown nicely.

Almost a decade ago Panama enacted what is called Law 41, which offered considerable incentives to any major company making Panama its regional headquarters for Latin America. More than 100 multinationals, such as Procter & Gamble, have done so. Among the enticements is that their employees pay no Panamanian income taxes. As with the canal, the creation of these headquarters has generated supporting infrastructure, including schools.

Panama’s expanding airport has also became a crucial regional hub; 68% of the passengers landing there are passing through to other destinations.

With the exception of New York and Chicago, Panama City has more skyscrapers these days than any other city in the Western Hemisphere, and 16 of Latin America’s 25 tallest buildings are in Panama City. This is amazing when you consider such megametropolises as São Paulo, Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

Panama has been attentive to building the necessary infrastructure to support all of this expansion. Construction of a major monorail is under way, and a new convention center to handle such “business tourism” as conferences and exhibitions is near completion.

Another source of growth with enormous potential is medical tourism. Johns Hopkins, for example, has a large facility there. With health care less available in the virtually bankrupt systems of many Western countries, especially in Europe, demand for what Panama offers–excellent care at affordable cost–is almost limitless.

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Best Beach Destinations in Panama

With two coastlines that stretch on for hundreds of miles and more than a thousand offshore islands nearby, it is easy to see why Panama is a popular destination for vacationers seeking a memorable beach getaway.

The best beach destinations in Panama will offer plenty of opportunities to enjoy rest and relaxation, romantic walks, surfing, snorkeling, fishing, boat rides, and so much more. Here are some of the locations you should visit on your next trip to Panama.

Best Beach Destinations in Panama“Beach Area”

Cocle Province may be the official name of this section of Panama, but it’s often referred to as “Beach Area.” It earned this nickname by being home to several of the country’s top beaches, including Santa Clara, Farallon, and Rio Hato.

Beach Area tours provide an excellent sampling of the best that Panama has to offer. In addition to world-class beaches, you’ll also find mountains, trails, secluded waterfalls, and cultural activities that provide a glimpse into the country’s ancient origins.

Guna Yala

Panama Beach DestinationsGuna Yala is a long, narrow section of Panama that includes the Archipiélago de San Blás, an impressive collection of small islands. Located in remote northeastern Panama, this archipelago has many awe-inspiring beaches that allow visitors to truly “get away from it all.”

Guna Yala tours are all about the simple pleasures of kicking back on beautiful beaches, snorkeling in clear waters, or exploring the local villages where indigenous people enjoy a different way of life.

Bocas del Toro

Panama’s “Caribbean West” area features gorgeous islands, brilliant blue seas, pristine white sandy beaches. For visitors, it’s like stepping right into a postcard.

Bocas del Toro tours are often designed around maximizing beach time. Surfing, diving, scuba, and snorkeling are all popular adventures on and around the coast. Explore further with a fishing adventure, a sailboat rental, or a trip into one of the native villages open to vacationers.

Choose Your Beach Adventure

These are just a handful of the best beach destinations in Panama. If you’ve had a memorable experience at these or other Panamanian beaches, leave a comment to share your story!

If you are ready to plan a new beach vacation, contact Adventures Panama to learn more about all the amazing opportunities available year round!

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Top Family Vacation Destinations in Panama

Vacation Destinations in PanamaAs a melting pot of Panamanian, Indian, Caribbean, Spanish, and American cultures, Panama is a destination that provides nearly unlimited opportunities for children to learn about different customs and ways of life. With world-class beaches, rivers, mountains, trails, and man-made wonders, Panama also offers plenty of action and adventure.

The top family vacation destinations in Panama deliver the ideal mix of historical perspective, cultural intrigue, and natural beauty. You can get it all by including some or all of the following locations on your overseas family vacation.

Panama City and Canal

A Panama City and canal tour packs an incredible amount of experiences for the whole family into a small window of time.

By hitting a few key locations around Panama City with a bi-lingual guide, you can learn about many interesting modern and historic aspects of Panama’s fascinating capital city. Pack even more lessons into the day by visiting the Panama Canal to learn more about the origins, ongoing development, and economic impact of this man-made wonder.


There are many Panamanian locations that give families a glimpse into the wonders of virtually untouched, pristine landscape. Boquete, a mountainous region in the western part of the country, gives visitors a chance to enjoy all the natural beauty and outdoor action of rural Panama in the comfort of surprisingly pleasant temperatures.

Boquete tours often include hiking, rafting, canopy tours, visits to local hot springs, and much more. The elevation keeps the weather comfortable and moderate, making all these adventures all the more enjoyable for people of all ages.

Rafting Trips

Top Family Vacation Destinations in PanamaAny list of top family vacation destinations in Panama would have to mention the country’s rivers. A rafting trip is a safe, exciting way to explore some of Panama’s most beautiful areas.

From June through March, a Río Grande River rafting trip is a creative option for family groups exploring everything that Coclé Province has to offer. Coclé is Panama’s beach mecca, but it’s also known for El Valle, the mountain village located inside of an inactive volcano crater.

Boqueron River rafting trips also provide long-lasting memories to kids and adults alike. Launching from Panama City, this trip allows vacationers to explore Madden Dam, another triumph of American engineering that is related to the history of the Panama Canal.

Choose Your Family Adventure

With two coastlines stretching hundreds of miles, and countless adventures and learning experiences to discover in between, Panama is an incredibly family-friendly destination.

This list covered only a few of the top family vacation destinations in Panama. Leave us a comment if you had a great Panamanian experience that you’d like to share with other families.

To schedule tours, or to learn more about family vacations in Panama, contact Adventures Panama today!

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Pearl Islands – Adventures Panama

Indigenous peoples populated the Pearl Islands until Spanish Conquistadors discovered the archipelagos’ wealth of pearls in the 1500s. The islands gained new popularity after being featured on the reality television show Survivor. The islands feature lush forests surrounded by white sandy beaches. Contadora Island is the most developed of the Pearl Islands, with several resorts and an airstrip. Visitors can charter private yachts to cruise and explore the islands.

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Isla Taboga – Adventures Panama

Located about 20 kilometers from Panama City, Isla Taboga is Panama’s favorite escape out of the city to bathe in its sandy beaches, ride Jet Ski’s, speed boats and fishing charters. First settled by the Spanish in 1515, Isla Taboga has a charming village with the second-oldest church in the western hemisphere, a few narrow streets with a few restaurants and great views to Panama City from the top of the Island.

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Playa Las Lajas – Adventures Panama

Playa Las Lajas is a beautiful beach that extends for more than 13 km (8 miles) along the Gulf of Chiriqui on the Pacific Coast. With little current and perfect water temperatures, Las Lajas is ideal for swimming and bodysurfing. Rustic shacks and cheap restaurants are clustered on the beach at the end of the road. For now it remains a hidden treasure still undiscovered by the large hotel chains and hordes of tourists.