Ukuptupu Guna Yala Lodge Sand Beach •  Guna Yala • Seafood delight • Mangroves
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  • Sand Beach
  • Sea food lunch
  • Palm tree
  • All-inclusive package
  • Guna Yala
  • Age: Everyone
  • Gateway: Panama City

Ukuptupu, an island near El Porvenir in the Kuna Yala region of Panama, is your ideal base for exploring the Kuna Yala archipelago and enjoying life in the islands. Just a 25-minute flight across the isthmus from Panama City, Ukuptupu is located minutes from the Porvenir airport between the islands of Wichub Wala and Nalunega.

  ukuptupu lodge  Cabañas Ukuptupu, which means Sand Island, is a tourism project that started in the 1990 with a lot of effort from Mr. Juan García and his family who made of it an habitable place extending building wings with rooms over the shallow water that surrounds it.

It used to be a Smith Sonian Institute installation.

 "Our goal is to deeply fulfill the tourists and visitors needs to offer the basic facilities so that people would enjoy Kuna Yala, its culture and its customs."

The activities that we do include: a tour to beaches, religious ceremonies, festive rites which include music and dances, visit to indigenous communities and the opportunity of sharing with the local people, participation in activities, craft making, etc.

In our dining room we offer typical plates of the place as they are fished fried, lobster, squid, cambombia, rice with Coconut, accompanied by patacones and/or salad.

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Information on the Ukuptupu cabañas
We counted at the moment on 13 cabanas equipped with common baths, showers style kunas, wood floor, electrical energy, counted on a Bar-billiards, where it will be able to find different drink classes, hall hammocks outdoors.

Our double rooms and triple, of rustic construction with walls of white cane and zinc ceiling rest on piles in the sea We have a Maxima capacity for 30 people in double and triple accomodation.89 miles and its contents is 22 trillion cubic feet of water flowing from the river Chagres.15 This dam was completed on February 5, 1935, five months before the date stipulated in the contract and came to represent a new triumph of American engineering in the history of the Panama Canal.


Starts taking domestic 45 minutes flight which departs from Albrook Airport in Panama City at 6:00 am up to airport El Porvenir. Another option is travel via car 3 hours up to Carti and 1 hour to Ukuptupu.

Once in Playon Chico at Guna Yala you will be received and transported by boat to Ukuptupu Kuna Lodge


WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE ?  3 meals, tour to the communities and nearby beach islands. Our guides are trained in skills, first-aid and CPR.

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDE ? Spirits, soda or water, island taxes, optional trips. Transport is not included

WHO CAN GO ? Everyone in good health. Minors must travel with a responsible adult.

WHAT SHOULD YOU TAKE ALONG ? A pair of short for navigating, sneakers or straped sandals, a cap, sun-block, a light jacket or windbreaker (in case of rain), a towel and dry set of clothes for the trip back.

WHAT SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT ? Any object than can be deteriorated by water or valuables like jewels, cash, credit cards, etc.


USD $ 85.00 per person
Group leader will go free for a group of more than ten persons.