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  • Pearl islands Panama vacation
  • Sailing, snorkeling
    Fishing destination
  • Pearl Islands Panama all inclusive
  • Contadora and/or Saboga
  • Ages: 6 and above
  • Gateway: Panama city

Experience sport sailing or windsurf at Saboga, Gulf of Panama.


The Pearl Islands Archipelago is conformed by more than 150 islands and 100 cays (many are small and uninhabited) located in the heart of Panama's Gulf, at 48 km from the isthmus coast and with a surface of 1.165 km². Politically all the archipelago belongs to the Balboa District of Panama Province. It was named during the Spaniard Conquest due to the abundance of pearls in the area.

Here it was found the famous Peregrin Pearl was found, owned by Felipe II, and later it was also owned by Elizabeth Taylor.

Due to its incredible amount and diversity of marine species, the Pearl Island Archipelago is considered as one of the top worldwide fishing destination.

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Departure: Panama City - Saboga Island on board Las Perlas ferryboat from Trump Hotel Marina or Balboa Yacht Club. Check in Time: 7:30am. Departure Time: 8:00am. Travel Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes.

This trip does not have a fixed itinerary other than departure and arrival. It does have activities such as sport sailing, snorkeling, and hiking that are the trips highlights.

Usually we arrive to Saboga or Contadora (both islands are very close by and we finish or end the circuit in any of them) around 10:00am.

Here we get onboard a sport sailboat with a capacity for 3 to 4 persons where the captain will involve all arriving sailors in navigating tasks. We will sail to nearby islands with well known snorkeling spots. Then, we will sail toward Saboga and cross the island hiking across its village and jungles.

After a tasty lunch at the Saboga Beach Club Restaurant there will be more time to practice sailing on board a sport boat, or wind surf, or sea kayak at your will.

Take a look HERE at pictures taken in a usual day trip. If you have the time you will not regret staying more than one day.

Return: Saboga Island-Panama on ferry Las Perlas toward Trump Hotel Marina or Balboa Yacht Club.
Check in Time: 3:40pm. Departure Time: 4:00pm. Travel Time: 1 hour and 40 minutes



Ferry tickets, sailboats and gear, instruction, lunch.

WHO CAN GO ? This sea package sets departures are designed for families, couples, and friends that enjoy teaming up for adventures outdoors.  Sailing has been chosen considering local traditional style, and  comfort.

Minors must travel with a responsible adult, and must be older than 6.

Private groups with some customization can be arranged.


Sport clothes and shoes suitable for sailing, such as surf lycra, sun protection, hat, spare clothing, water proof camara.

WHAT SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT ? Objects that can be damaged or lost such as jewels.


   1 Day   2 Days, 1 Night  3 Days, 2 Nights
 Lodging    Double Room Single Room  Double Room Single Room
 Camping    325.00 325.00  425.00 425.00
 The Point    365.00 410.00  513.00 605.00
Pearl Point   370.00 425.00 525.00 625.00


Pearl Islands Panama vacations is best to sail during the dry season between January and March when a strong and consistent North with prevails.

(1) Aventuras Panama reserves the right, at its sole criteria, to exchange program with similar activities or accommodations in case it considers necessary.
(2) Participants should get familiar and agree with Aventuras Panama Terms and Conditions.