Sailing Trip in San Blas •Guna Yala •  Sailboat • Fresh Sea Food
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  • Sailing
  • Sea food lunch
  • Palm tree
  • All-inclusive package
  • Guna Yala
  • Age: Everyone
  • Gateway: Panama City

 The 5 day/4 night sailing trip in San Blas is an experience like no other. You get to sail inside this coral reef archipelago, in mostly calm waters, and admire the stunning scenery of the 365+ coconut palm islands. Because the islands are in close proximity to one another, you´ll sail for a maximum of 2 hours daily from one group of islands to the next. This leaves the entire rest of the day for swimming, snorkeling, beach lounging, chilling on board, kayaking around the island... the options are endless. Five days time allows for a maximum exposure to the most isolated islands, only reachable by sailboat. 


  travelboat   You'll have the islands to yourself and will get to meet the 1 or 2 Kuna indigenous families that live on each island in their thatched roof huts.  As a special treat, you'll go on a day-long hike up a river in the nearby mountain range with a local guide, where you'll learn about ancient culture while sliding down waterfall rocks. 

 Sailboats and catamarans are of all shapes and sizes, but accommodations are normally on a double private cabin. Meals will feature as much fresh seafood as available from local fishermen or caught by the crew. This trip cannot be missed!


Day 1

- Hotel pick-up 5:30am, boat arrival 9am
- Light breakfast
- 1-2 hour sailing
- Snorkeling & beach lounging
- Fresh fish lunch
- Island visit
- Dinner onboard

Day 2

- Breakfast
- 1-2 hour sailing
- Snorkeling & beach lounging
- Lunch
- Relaxing on board & sunset drinks on shore
- Lobster dinner on board

Day 3

- Breakfast
- 1-2 hour sailing
- Handcrafts with local women, fishing with local men
- Lunch
- Swimming & relaxing on board
- Dinner

Day 4

- Breakfast
- Dug-out canoe trip from boat to river
- Hiking trip up a river with an indigenous guide
- Lunch on the hike
- Dug-out canoe trip back to boat
- Dinner on board

Day 5

- Breakfast
- 1-2 hour sailing
- Lunch
- Snorkeling & beach lounging
- Boat pickup 4pm, hotel arrival 7pm

***Itinerary times and activities are flexible and the Captain may change it around at his whole discretion in the interests of the safety and welfare of the passengers, vessel, and crew.


WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE ? Roundtrip transportation from Panama city, water taxi to boat, fees to enter the indigenous reserve of Guna Yala, lodging on a sailboat, all meals and drinks, snorkeling and fishing gear to enjoy the islands.

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDE ? Specialty foods (snacks), alcoholic beverages, tips for crew

WHO CAN GO ? Persons of all ages in good health

WHAT SHOULD YOU TAKE ALONG ? Not much.  Please pack light and if possible in soft cloth bags (duffel type) for easier storage on board. You will hang out in your swimsuit most of the time, so don't overpack lots of clothes. You'll only need one pair of sandals to travel and that's it.  For the river hike wear tevas or sneakers. Do bring sun protection gear and a light rain/wind jacket.  BRING YOUR PASSPORT, as there's a custom's checkpoint at the Guna Yala entrance..

WHAT SHOULD NOT BE BROUGHT ? Any object than can be deteriorated by water or valuables like jewels, cash, credit cards, etc.


2 person minimum,  8 person maximum.


   Prices for shared vessels
 Standard Sailboat  $1,012 per person
 Catamaran  $1,562 per person

** Please inquire for private charters.


Dec-April: dry & windy (summer)
May-Nov: rainy & calm seas (winter)
During the dry season there's plenty of wind to sail around. If the sailing part is your priority we encourage to visit us then. The wet season has advantage of having really calm waters; it's when snorkeling and swimming are best enjoyed. Weather varies a lot so you'll have plenty of sunny days in the winter.